The Belly of the Whale


Monday, November 16, 2009

100 Themes

For Character Creation we were asked to create 100 5x5 illustrations based on a list of 100 "themes" using the same character throughout. I sort of turned them all into self portraits. I've posted a few. More when I feel like it.

#1 Introduction

#50 Breaking the Rules

#48 Childhood

#78 Drink

#11 Memory

#43 Dying

#18 Rainbow

#60 Rejection

#37 Eyes

#14 Smile


  1. ....Mike!.....I have to say, your work realllly amazes me, every single one really blows my mind! you are sooo great at what you do!!!! Even though I LOVE them all my favorite has to be "smile".....Makes me think of Ireland, and when you were walking back covered in ice cream from your mad dash to the random ice cream truck....good times!

  2. make me something! jk, love you're work. i'm going through all of them to make sure i've seen all to be seen.