The Belly of the Whale


Wednesday, December 23, 2009


This is the second to last match, thanks for staying with me thus far, your all real troopers. TO VOTE: click on the comments section below and tell us which fighter you think would win, if your feeling like my hero you could leave a description of how the fight went down in your head, (this is highly encouraged!) One vote per person, please be clear in who you are voting for, voting ENDS SATURDAY AT MINDNIGHT. So get your two cents in. Thanks guys!

Alexie Skyboots

Shortstack Griswald
(and the Suicide Scottie.)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Semester's End:

Hello everyone, the semester has ended and my final review is over. This being the case I thought I'd give you all a break from voting for a little while and just post some work from the past few months. Hope you all enjoy!

These two are sketches for Good vs. Evil Self Portraits for Fred Lynch's Visual Propaganda class

Just some stuff from Visual Propaganda and Character Creation. I'll put up more after I've slept for a little while. Or whenever I feel like it. Either way, more to come. Thanks for watching.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Round 3


NEXT MATCH! Harpoon Tim returns once more. Will he climb ahead in the bracket, or be chopped up and eaten? It really and truly is up to you folks.

To Vote: just click on the comments section and type in who you think would win a fight between these two. Your encouraged to give a synopsis of how the battle went down in your mind. One vote per person, please make it clear who you are voting for. Voting ends Wednesday at midnight so get your vote in!

Round 3:


Harpoon Tim

Polar Bear w/ Chainsaw

Thanks for voting!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Ok folks, we got us a couple more rounds here. Remember to vote on both, just click on the comments section and tell us all who you think should win and maybe give a brief synopsis of how you see the battle going down, its fun for everybody! One vote per person, voting ends Saturday at Midnight. May the best fighter win.

Voting On This Round Has Ended.

Round 2:
Alexie Skyboots

Dr. Ducky

Monday, December 7, 2009

First Round Over!!!


thanks to all who voted, more matches to come so pay attention.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

VOTE ON THIS!!! Me Very Own Fist-A-Cuffs

Recently my character creation instructor ( ) turned me on to this blog called Fist-A-Cuffs. Its a site where artists create and submit their often humorous and always creative invention of soldiers warriors and monsters to be pitted in battle against one another. People who follow the blog vote on which they think should win and are encouraged to give a battle play by play as reasoning. You get to watch your favorite fighter climb the brackets or succumb to defeat.
For my character creation final I decided to create my own bracket of 6 fighters to go head to head against one another and have the class vote on the who wins.

Here I present the first two fighters and encourage you to vote on the winner.

Harpoon Tim

Arsenal Shark

TO VOTE: simply click on the comments link and tell everyone who you can see winning. Give a description of the battle if you like, but please be clear on who you think the winner is.

We'll see if anyone actually votes.


here is the fist-a-cuffs link. look at it.

Monday, November 16, 2009

100 Themes

For Character Creation we were asked to create 100 5x5 illustrations based on a list of 100 "themes" using the same character throughout. I sort of turned them all into self portraits. I've posted a few. More when I feel like it.

#1 Introduction

#50 Breaking the Rules

#48 Childhood

#78 Drink

#11 Memory

#43 Dying

#18 Rainbow

#60 Rejection

#37 Eyes

#14 Smile

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sniff, Sniff... Ayuh, Thats Still Good.

Recently dug this up. Old work, but only by a year. When i had hair.
These are some expressions for a character i designed (sort of, this is actually as far as he went,) in Character Creation. If you have not read Dr. Suess' "The Lorax," you need to.

Just Keep Swimming.
This is currently undergoing revisions to be submitted to Adam Miller, the art director on an upcoming zombie anthology.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sam Guppy.

acrylic, and graphite. is it done? i do not know. may go back in with stronger pencil lines.

what do you think?

(still all sassy comments in your eye.)


Captain Mike.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Big Deal

“Damnit the fucking copy machines broken.” Its in pieces on the floor of the office. A warm grey toner-soaked landfill nestled between cubicles. Piles of its carapace interrupted by black slacks beneath Jon’s workshirt, necktie, neck, chin, jaw, and pondersome face that’s twisted up in a spiral below his forehead. “Damnit again!” Jon said at the wreckage. “This happens all the time.”
“It does.”
“Did you ever notice that?”
“Everything in the office this afternoon has been damaged.”
“Without provocation.”
Said the circle of co-workers. Jon met someone’s gaze from behind a fortified position. He was hiding behind a bulletin board, doing his very best to blend in with the sticky memos.
“Errol, why is you head so covered in our sticky memos?” Jon laughed and did a slippery jig atop the dead copy machine. “I demand to know!”
Errol made an unseen sound from behind his cubicle island and slapped one more sticky memo to his head before sinking underneath his fortified bulletin wall.
“Well then theres still the problem about this mess.” Jon was referring to the shattered copying machine.
“Oh lets get back to what we were talking about this afternoon!” Simon was standing by a watercooler made in 1977.
“Simon I will remind you it is the afternoon, and stand away from the puddle, wet shoes don’t make a polite houseguest.”
“Not this afternoon Maygan, the one from last time, it was so an invigorating chat!” a single sidestep found Simon was safe from the rude wetness on the office floor.
“I remember that one!” Jon’s hands upon his hips when he says this. He was still shin deep in dismantled copy machine while the others were all within safe cubicles.
“Oh very good Jon, than why don’t you begin?”
“Well,” Jon had began, “have you ever noticed how this afternoon everything in the office is broken?”
“Everything but the fax machine, but its broken too.”
“That wasn’t in the afternoon! That’s not how we said it last time! Everything disintegrated in the morning and we didn’t bring up the subject until three o’clock!”
“No, no, I remember quite distinctly because my daughter was born at four o’clock and I had called her to wish her a happy birthing hour, (of course the phone had been dissected so I had to open the window.”
“Shattap Maygan!”
“It cant have been four because at four I was helping Maygan place a call when we realized that someone had dissected the black office phone.”
“We all know about the phone and how it sits at the end of the hall. Continue.”
“Maygan what day is it?”
“What day this month? I think in February this had been a Thursday is that right?”
“I believe so, yes.”
“Look! Look, new bulletins!”
“Stay back from my bulletins!” Errol could not be seen behind his sticky memos.
“Go on, Jon, read us a bulletin!”
“Very well,” Jon removed himself from the copying machine to go over to Eroll’s bulletin wall. He plucked a parchment from the corkboard. “Today, this one reads: ‘Maintainance, please see to the fax machine and Simon’s water cooler,” Jon paused for effect, and did a smile, “and also
Maygan’s water cooler. P.S. replace Eroll’s bulletins when you are finished, please.’”
“That may have been a good one!”
“Simon, away from the puddle.”
“Quite right.”
“No, I still believe this all took place at three o’clock, and Maygan, if you dare speak up I will tell the whole office to use their staplers on you!”
A stapler fluttered past in fast forward and konked her in the temple.
“See what you think about that!”
“Theo, hardly appropriate office attire. Sexual harassment suits can be made and personally, I feel for poor Maygan, her daughter passed away last weekend when her watercooler collapsed. She didn’t stay back from the puddle! Simon!”
“Quite right. Sorry.”
“Four o’clock Tuesday!”
One more stapler caught her in the chin.
“I have plenty of staplers back here!”
“Has anyone tried to fix the copying machine? I had to make some copies today.”
“You’ve been standing in it, Jon, no one can lift your big heavy feet.”
A barrage of staplers like arrows found their mark on Maygan’s face. Eroll ran past and was pegged in the throat with the sharp end of one.
“Copies! I need copies!”
“Damnit Jon I’ve been yelling at you all morning, all the paper is broken and it was all really at lunchtime when it happened because now Maygan has passed away from staple asphyxiation so her theory is null.”
There was quiet.
“Suppose someone should phone her daughter.”