The Belly of the Whale


Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Ok folks, we got us a couple more rounds here. Remember to vote on both, just click on the comments section and tell us all who you think should win and maybe give a brief synopsis of how you see the battle going down, its fun for everybody! One vote per person, voting ends Saturday at Midnight. May the best fighter win.

Voting On This Round Has Ended.

Round 2:
Alexie Skyboots

Dr. Ducky


  1. (Stand in vote for Katy V: Dr. Ducky)

  2. I vote Alexie Skyboots.....Cause I not only do like the name skyboots, but I pretty much adore, what looks like a polar bear with 6 legs she is sitting on! REALLY wish I had one! Plus Skyboots she looks like she knows what she is doing.

  3. dr ducky. that conversation we had in class about his real story has given way to thoughts of hidden powers/agendas.

    jedi mind powers is a possibility