The Belly of the Whale


Friday, February 12, 2010

Boats and cliffs and dotted lines.

Awful photos today. I'm not sure how concerned I am right now about that...
for the most part these are just sketches and warm up pieces. playing with color and ground and speed etc.

Gift Painting.

"Cliffs of Moher," piece to be exhibited in the welcome center near the cliffs themselves for a few months along with work from classmates.

the whole family.



  1. the "cliffs of moher" piece blows my mind. its my favorite piece by you so far.

  2. i'm with kevin the "cliffs of moher" piece has some power behind it.

    I don't mind the "danger off the port bow" Interesting ideas you're playing with here. Nice to see you're still working on found pieces of wood.

    dare I say I would like to see bigger paintings? Just one?

  3. ok berger, ill see you that. also, im still struggling with that whole smiling self portrait. the photo self portraits never have smiles either... ill go to the studio and work on both of those today.

  4. lol I almost completely forgotten about the idea of smiling portraits. You don't need to be smiling, you just don't have to look so damn depressed.