The Belly of the Whale


Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy St. Hangover Day:

So St. Patrick's Day wasnt long ago. Went BACK to Doolin because I love it there. Caught a bus with some friends in the morning and spent the day watching the parade and drinking stout. Started the festivities (.festiveties.) around noon or so. The parade was in large part made up of proud looking farmers and their tractors decked out in flags and green stuff. We locked my friend in a phone booth with a keg as well.As it got darker our group got a taxi back to Ballyvaughan where we hung out at Logues and drank it pretty much dry. Stayed until last call. There were a ton of friends to listen to my thrilling stories of adventure. (pictured above.) Someone was doing card tricks, we were all singing, (unless it was just me,) but either way, it wasnt a crazy thing. Imagine a bit like the 4th back in the states but in a real rural setting, but it was still a blast. Paddy's day done right, in my opinion, good crowd, small place, and everyone certainly seemed just as merry as they could be.

In Doolin I bought a 5 x 3 flag to wave around and it ended up around my neck back at Logues.

Stumbled off from the pub singing Fiddler's Green which is a fishing song that the two of us pictured above know. We probably sang some other stuff too. Then I started sayign that I needed an adventure on St. Paddy's day so I opted to cut through the field back to my house instead of taking the road. Wasnt a huge adventure but I was happy enough to have a belly full of grog and sing Tom Waits and sea shanties all the way back to my house. It was a good night.

Happy St. Patrick's everyone. Have a pint of the good stuff.
(late, yes. leave me alone. another update today if I'm smart.)



  1. I cant wait until you get back and we can go to barnes and noble in the morning and leave when they close...i can't do that with anyone else...LLLAAATTTAAAA

  2. dude, i need a B&N trip like i dont think youd believe.