The Belly of the Whale


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pretty in Pink: ?

Wee quick update.Part of a circular series in Pubs and Stomachs

A sneak look at the big fella. Taking a long time... Feedback as I go would be great on this one, I think I'll continue posting process photos as I go. Also part of Pubs and Stomachs.



  1. okay i went to look at your painting so now i lost my comment so this is draft 2

    i like your color and all your painting makes me feel warm inside. compliment out of the way let us get to criticism.

    the stomach lining... i feel like you could play with the different degrees of color there. or the line work could become more developed. it's a lot of area to leave to the same kind of treatment. In my head i'm seeing areas of deep red somewhere maybe just to give like the infinite sense of space of the asaphagus... i spelled that wrong and the computer won't tell me the right spelling, but the throat organs. intestines whatever it is... i love the object i just feel the stomach itself could differ from piece to piece. so different line work and maybe deeper reds... i'm repeating myself now.

    the large piece... i'm hesitant to click on it 'cause i'll lose this comment but i'm curious what you're painting on and with. (panel / canvas, acrylics / oil) I'm very jealous of this piece because you seem to be creating these wonderful worlds. My introspective self can remember as a kid all i wanted to do was create worlds of fantasy that laid undeveloped in my head. So this painting has the feeling of being apart of something more. and it's already feeling big... this is too much compliments i needs to really talk about where it's failing.

    the left side makes me feel like the paragraph above... but the right side i feel like i'm ignoring. now looking at it i see they are on a cliff... what if this town was able to be seen over the water... i don't think i could adequately describe this with words so i'm going to draw you a picture after class... there is a great sense of depth on the left side thoguh that makes me feel of the wool n pub piece. but the left and maybe bottom piece i don't view as much... depending on how big this is, you should think of how big you're brushes are. i'm curious to know if you have a 2 inch brush, which i think you might be able to do some nasty shit with, al la jenny saville. alright after i get done with my days activities i will SKETCH out a composition idea for you i have on the right side.... we'll see how that goes, maybe break out the color pencils...

    extremely jealous... i'm on spring break right now so i'm thinking i might kick my ass a bit so i don't feel nearly as worthless when i'm looking at the quantity and quality of your work.

    too many compliments

    so i'll leave on this note... the new colors i like but i think you can go farther on. don't want to dissuade you from this larger palette but i also want to harass you to make it better.

    that's the last idea i'm going to leave you with. nose to the grindstone!

  2. "but the left and maybe bottom piece i don't view as much"

    that is suppose to be

    "but the right maybe bottom area, i don't view as much."

    i'm rambling...

    spring break so i'm going to get to work and already i see maybe 3 new psots coming to my blog that are forming in my head... so let the anticipation build.

  3. I think that the content is more interesting than the form. Think about content and concept first. Formal and aesthetic decisions are secondary and are ultimately only there to convey the idea.

    Plus, we all know that you've got painting down to a science. If you needed to you could take any of these images and make them perfect.

    Keep working through ideas. I respectfully and lovingly say "fuck off" to aesthetics.

    :) <3

  4. there must be a collaboration when you get back.

    no excuses.

    top cow.