The Belly of the Whale


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Follow Up:

So here are some more angry bottles. Had a crit on them today. I talked about how some words and actions are literally on the other side of alcohol, (hence the text written backwards on the other side of the bottle so that it is read forwards when looking past the figure and through the glass.)

I am continuing to sneak into peoples studios like a ninja (more like a weasel,) and take things that hold liquid to stamp my face on. The messages in the beard relate to my interactions with that person. Almost as a way of saying goodbye to everyone here, as the semester is winding down quite quickly now...(that ones on a block cause he didnt have any containers in his studio.)

Also, I should have mentioned that Barry McGee hit up the whole faces on bottles thing before I did, (and yes i were aware of it beforehand.) Look at the book Beautiful Losers.


  1. yea...but yours are in the form of self portrait...totally different than what he was he's moved on to abstract triangles..."it took me 30 years to get to this point, where i could paint like that..."-art school confidential (John Malkovich)


  2. TEXT!


    yeah it's not the same w/e

  3. dude, i am starting to succumb to text. its bad...

  4. This is a lot weirder than I remember it being... but something tells me that won't phase you.

  5. haha yeah thanks for that. i remembered it right away. same guy who did ren and stimpy.

  6. yeah, yours are much different that mcgees. i wouldnt worry.

    also, i think you should make some of them into stickers and do similar things in public places.