The Belly of the Whale


Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Parting Glass:

Well. I suppose if this isnt my last post in Ireland it'll be my second to last. A lot is swinging on this volcano nonsense.

Anyway. I'm torn as far as going home. I've had the time of my life here! Adventure, art, music, Guinness, pub life. Saw some sights, good and bad. Didnt make too many mistakes. Took risks, strayed from my comfort zone and found out I love it. Made a pile of new friends I hope to stay in touch with and hopefully I'll have a place to stay next time I come around.

But the air back home is warming up and so is the water. Summer is just about here which means I'll be sailing and diving and hopefully working soon. I'm expecting nothing less than a jam-packed adventure marathon on my ocean this summer, with breaks for movies and video games i suppose, and maybe some time to get out on my own some more and see a bit of my own country. I miss a lot of people back home and cant wait to see them all and I'll venture some cautious optimism that the feeling is mutual...? Ha. Anyhow.

Not much to say at this point. Had a blast. Its all over in a few days and I'll be stuck with a bald head full of memories and not as much art as I'd like to show for a full semester and no idea how to explain to my instructors back home that I didnt follow through with that whole book idea.

Truth was there wasnt a lot of guidance available for that sort of plan to take shape here. Maybe back home I'll do something with my work and get it printed. Give it a year or so. I stand by my work however, and maintain that coming here has improved my art probably more so than another semester at Montserrat. Just need to polish up that old work ethic I had coming in...

Ideas I want to explore:
tall ships
battle scenes
oil paint (gonna get you berger)
scratchboard (gonna get you kevin)

So. Goodbye to Ireland. Goodbye to the home of Guinness. Goodbye to decent music in decent bars. Goodbye to open friendly people who get to know you by name. Goodbye to all the friends I've made here. Goodbye to friends I never got to meet. Goodbye to the Burren and its limestone mountains. Goodbye to beautiful accents and baby sheeps. Goodbye to the town dog and the town drunk(s) Goodbye to green hills and goats and cows. Goodbye again, to Guinness cause its not the same in the states, but most of all, goodbye to an island thats made me feel home.

But my dogs miss me.

I'll close out with this:

Of all the money that ever I spent, I spent it in good company,
And of all the harm that ever I've done [most of it] to none but me,
But since it falls unto my lot, that I should rise and you should not,
I gently rise and I softly call,
Goodnight and joy be with you all.

*the parting glass*


  1. Excellent words indeed! I've been binding books all semester so i'll help you put that shit together so you'll have a physical/visual journey for your mind to escape back into!!!! God knows i wouldn't remain even slightly sane if i didn't hold onto the talismans of experience. Enjoy the last breaths of fresh Irish air for the all of us...cheers


  2. thanks bud. we ought to rig up some kind of book thing. ill see if i can bring back some water turf or air for the house.

  3. I welcome the challenge sir, I need the motivation, the inspiration, and another comrade. So Explore pick up the work ethic and sign up for advance figure drawing.

  4. It's good that you got so much from your time overseas Mr. Vance, that kind of stuff sticks with you for a life time.