The Belly of the Whale


Monday, April 12, 2010

The HeartBreak Nook:

The year end BCA exhibition is coming up this saturday. For the most part I'm all set. Cleaned out the studio and started hanging some work. My friend Nick Jackson and I quarantined off a section of my studio for a sort of collaborated presentation. Both of us have a fair quantity of somewhat melodramatic work having to do with 'heartbreak' and that tweaked, delicate sort of masculinity that comes with y'know. emotions.
We've got the space pretty much set up. Picture to come when its all set and finished. For now heres a look at what'll be in...

"the HeartBreak Nook :("

A nice little sign that sits atop the installation.
And the rest of the bottles finally finished.
Keep an eye out for pictures of the exhibition coming soon!!!


  1. your hand drawn text makes me jealous.

  2. The mom in me wants to bake you a cake, pour you a glass of milk and sit you down at a tiny table with a fancy lace tablecloth. Im not sure what that means.