The Belly of the Whale


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Whisky and Art (A Love Story):

Been a bit blue recently. It donned on me that even here with all these wonderful people and thrilling adventures and exciting places that home is home is where I'm not. And I started to feel real bad. I hit the studio pretty hard. Turned most of what I was feeling into something thats hopefully pretty, which is good to be able to do that. I will definitely be doing more of these and possibly a collaboration with a friend whose got some pretty interesting work.

I did not drink these either. Salvaged them from the recycling bin. Cause I know your going to ask.

And after I did those I ran out of whiskey bottles so I started creeping into peoples studios and taking cups or containers, (anything that holds liquid) and stamping my face on it then returning it to its original spot.

Nick's a good friend, so it says thanks for the man talk. We have man talk.

This one is on a mug that lives by the sink in the studios. I decided to leave it there even though it will get destroyed.


  1. maybe these should be on containers you have used. :) i like this a lot.

  2. i feel like realizing the importance of home and the interactions with people who you care about is very important, and you leaving and finding that out is part of a process. Keep ya chin up, you will be home before you know it and wishing you were back where the air is always salty and the glass is always full.

  3. Im drunk...but this reminds me of all of the faces you and kevkev drew all over kathleen''s bathroom products....hahahahaha, good ya dood...peace drunk yay