The Belly of the Whale


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Winding Down:

So the opening for the BCA Undergrad show happened. Went in the night before and took some pictures of my space. Here they are.

This was fun and completely spontaneous. Theres tons of scrap wood laying around here. I got a bit tired of tight lining and small illustrative works so I broke out the nails and ink and did this and I feel pretty good about it. More when I get home. The sea monsters are fun but I dont think they belong there...

And the infamous HeartBreak Nook turned out nice I think. These are all bad pictures because I was lazy at the time.

And heres a picture of a clown.



  1. the clown picture is probably one of my top 5 favorite images on your blog.

    the wood and ink installation is fuckin top tits. i want your senior show to have all of or most of that.

  2. the amount of text has me hopping for joy. Heartbreak Nook seems like an interesting idea. I would say theme, but it's more the entire aesthetic of your little niche is wonderful and feels unique and you.

    the scrap wood configuration feels very much you, only thing i would say is maybe having more painted color in it. No, don 't do that. Leave that piece be... and somehow bring it back to beverly. Continue you that though process though, if it's in you.

    I'm not seeing the big painting =(

  3. so very good, so very good, mike, indeed!